Monday, February 18, 2008

The Vet

I went to the vet a few days ago. She gave me the senior checkup! The senior checkup! Im not that old! Anyway, I have a disorder called Feline Hypersteshia. I also have a lose tooth so Im due back for surgery in March. They are going to remove my tooth and clean all the other ones. Then my owner is going to pay to give me a whole grooming session. I cant wait for that part. Sense Im getting old... I cant groom myself as good as I used to be able to. My cousin Snowball, shes a Siamese, is not eating so well. She is older then me, and might kick the bucket. So please have her in your thoughts.


Lesley Bonney said...

Had to take Tabitha to the vets Wed - she lay on the table as if squashed! Poor darling ... They hate it, don't they?

I have cat blogs on Petstreet- plus another for Tabitha.

Debra Taylor said...

I will be praying that Snowball is OK. Thanks for doing a great blog!

Check out my blog about a colony of abandoned/feral cats near my home. There will be stories there as time goes on that could inspire and inform anyone you know who wants to help homeless cats.
Would you add me to your blog list?
Thanks Debby

Michelle said...

I can't believe a cat can blog. And so envious with how she is being taken cared of by her owner...sometimes, when this happened I could wish to be a cat.

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