Sunday, February 3, 2008

My First Blog

I am a House Cat. I am a Felis domesticus. I am loved by my human. I was born in Schaumburg, Illinois where I was captured by the humans and taken to the Halfway House, as all the cats there called it. I spent a few days in there and it wasnt that bad. Then one day a young woman named Vanessa came in and looked at me. She talked to the lady who ran the facility and took me to her house. I didnt like it in her house at all! I kept trying to escape the rechid place! Every time she opened the door I would run out. But every time she would run out and get me. At this time I was only 3 years old. I guess Vanessa finally thought that this wasnt going to work so she brought me to this new place in Michigan where this family lived. And there stood Brittany .As soon as I saw her I knew that she was the perfect owner. I ran up to her and started rubbing my head on her finger tips when she came down to pet me. Brittany was 4 at the time. So I stayed with Brittany. And what a pleasant stay it had been. But when Fluffy came everything changed. One day when I was minding my own business (in a new apartment in Williamsburg) my owner went out. When she came back she brought an unpleasant surprise. A tiny black kitten was in her arms. I got up and ran behind the sofa. Brittany put the kitten down and walked away. Now it was only me and the vile creacher that was rolling on the ground before me. She was very playful and didnt even know I was there. Then I lept out from behind the couch and stared at her. She came up to me and rubbed herself against me. A few days past and we where thick as thieves.
So currently, I am in a house in Virginia having a relaxing time. I am happy.


Yeo Jing Wen said...

I am a cat person too. I was kind of attracted by your blog title when said that your blog was updated. But u're actually a rael person right? 'Cos I know that cats can't blog and neither can they type. They don't even know words to start with. HEhe. No offence..

Cat Luver

Amanda said...

I love your blog. Who am I kidding I love to read anything about cats. Try I love it too

Donna Muldoon said...

hehe, I love the title of your blog. I would love to live an indoor cat's work, no responsibilities, just a fureber home and yummy food. Since I'm a human instead, I have 3 kitties who rule me in their fureber home. xx